5 Easy Steps To Screen Tenants

Tenant screening companies must provide standard yet qualified background identification of either tenant’s.

1. The first step is through Contact

It is commonly done by telephone. Landlords, real estate agent or property managers are usually the one doing this. In order to know full identity of the tenant is by knowing basic information from prospective tenants first.

Following information is a must:

*Name of tenants
*Phone Numbers
*Reason of Moving
*Total number of tenants and their relationship to you

2.Showing the Property

Landlords must take a closer look while evaluating prospective tenant by their reaction while showing the property to them.

3. The Application Process

The landlord must provide quality tenant application. As much as possible, advise the tenant to completely fill out the application and to be returned immediately to avoid the risk of losing the rental to a competing tenant.

4. The Approval Process

In this process the tenant undergoes to become eligible. After getting the comprehensive references of the tenant come along with setting the time, date and place for your lease signing. It is also a must to instruct the tenant to bring proper amount of money as well as letting them know how you want to be paid like if you want it by check, money order or cash.

5. The Lease Signing

A lease is a legally binding contract (rental agreement) between the tenant and landlord. And you are binding yourself to certain obligations. Of course it is a must to make sure the lease accurately reflects the terms and dates of the lease as agreed upon by you and your landlord. Before signing that lease, it is important to read the fine print and be aware of what your landlord expects of you, as well as what you can expect of your landlord.

Anyway, rental agreements can be either written or oral. Just be sure to get a copy of the signed lease so you can file it with your important papers.

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